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Nearly 3 years since the last Dev Log. Is this still being worked on?

Hi! This game is still getting worked on! We're planning an update for Act One that will be released here and on Steam!

Ever since waiting for the part 2. One of the best visual novels I ever played.

I promise this didn't make me cry at one point... when's part 2 

Wow, that was good. Can't wait for more, and I'd gladly pay money for it. Thanks so much!


A lot of effort on the creators part, but I got bored in the first 20 minutes. I had it on skip the whole time. Too much dialogue, too few choices. 




This is fan-freaking-tastic.


I wish it was mobile supported.

This is really good game! Fun story and beautiful artwork. 

But why there isn't Ela route?



The art looks so beautiful omg


This is a wonderful gift before the end of the year! So happy you finally get to show the first installment in full :)

If I may though, I'd ask you tagged the three releases with the relevant Operating Systems, so the game may be installed and managed through the launcher.


so much content ...
and it's free  ... wow


I've been following this for a while! Well done for release!