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werid cool

May I ask if there are multiple endings to this? There were only 2-3 choices for dialogues in this entire game, but I hope there are. The characters were all very well written and fleshed out, making me annoyed and angry at times but also making me care for them in the end. The writing is very philosophical and has situations that I believe anyone who works can relate to. I just wish that their ending was on the sweeter side of bittersweet. 

Will you guys be continuing with this storyline? Showing their futures would be nice. I just can't help but feel unsatisfied with the way it ended haha. Especially since I ended up shipping the two MCs.

Anyway, it's a very nice story and if this is in fact the game in its completed state, then I wish you guys all the best for any future submissions. You guys definitely have the talent :).

There are two endings! Thank you

Awww the other ending was so sweet! Haha I can't believe I got the bad ending on my first time. I am now fully satisfied :). I usually go for games in more of a fantasy setting, but this one I thoroughly enjoyed. Btw, is there a way to un-grey the extras button on the menu? I can't press on it.

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This is your first attempt at NaNoRenO which I'm guessing is your first attempt at visual novels. I do have to say you nailed it quite well. I do have plenty of visual novel experience under my let's play belt on my main channel. Raithias   There are some nit pick things to mention though. Such as, the sudden drop of background music from time to time. I believe this was to draw atmosphere but, I think it just made for too long of akward dead space of no sounds. The other thing that many visual novel artist catch the bane of is choices. This visual novel although very well done seems to only have very few choices. Players really like to have options to advance the story.  That's the only things I think could be improved upon. You did great and, I hope your submission does well in NaNoRenO!

We're working on a patch to pretty things up and correct all these errors :) Thanks!


nice visual,nice story


Hello Somnova Studio! I saw your game Arcadia here on I decided to give it a try. I recorded a bit of my experience . Hope you don'y mind. I really enjoyed the dialog. Which has me liking the character so far. Hope you enjoy the gameplay footage!