Day 0 Patch

Hey everyone!

We've uploaded a new version of the game for Windows, Mac, and Linux builds. If you encounter any bugs from your initial play of the game, or installed the game before these versions were rolled out, it is highly recommended that you reinstall the game! The old build was a mistake on our part - an out of date build, lacking several pieces for release.

Unfortunately, using old backed up saves may show you older scenes and assets, so it is recommended that you play a fresh start. The introduction scene should be new, and well worth the read! If you want to skip to your old position in the story, go to preferences and turn skip mode to "All Messages" and use Control to skip forward.

Sorry for the hassle! We hope you enjoy our Act 1 Demo.

~The Somnova Development Team


Missing Stars (Windows) 845 MB
Dec 29, 2019
Missing Stars (Mac) 843 MB
Dec 29, 2019
Missing Stars (Linux) 847 MB
Dec 29, 2019

Get Missing Stars: Act One

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