Version 1.0.3 of Missing Stars: Act One is now available

This update does not add any content, but fixes a number of direction issues and other small problems that were noted in the #bug-report channel. Please keep these reports coming, they're incredibly useful!

Previously, updating the game has caused issues with loading save files. We really didn't want this to happen again, so we've spent a lot of time testing this release in depth to try to make sure it won't. We're confident that updating won't cause any problems this time around, and saves made in version 1.0.2 will continue to load properly in version 1.0.3 - though we can't guarantee compatibility with saves made in a version before 1.0.2 (i.e. 1.0.0 or 0.1.4).

You may want to back up your saves before updating the game. There are two places save files are stored: some persistent files are stored in the game directory itself - so make a copy of the folder containing the game executable - but your main save files are stored elsewhere, depending on operating system.

- On Windows, if you open the run dialogue (Windows key + R) and type %appdata%, you will see a RenPy folder. Inside this folder you will see a missing_stars_0026 folder. This is the folder you will want to make a copy of.
- On Mac, the directory to back up is ~/Library/RenPy/missing_stars_0026.
- On Linux, the directory to back up is ~/.renpy/missing_stars_0026.

If you back up these directories plus the folder containing the game, should anything go wrong with the update that causes your save files to no longer load, you should be able to just restore the backups and get your saves back. We don't expect this to be necessary, but if you do have problems loading saves after updating the game, please let us know - it's really important to us that we get this right.


Missing Stars 1.0.3 (Linux) 847 MB
Jan 07, 2020
Missing Stars 1.0.3 (Mac) 843 MB
Jan 07, 2020
Missing Stars 1.0.3 (Windows) 845 MB
Jan 07, 2020

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